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We will accept applications for this freelance opportunity until October 25, 2017. Questions about this position can be directed to editor@carinapress.com

Please be sure to read the requirements in the post here. Applicants who do not meet the listed requirements will not receive a reply. 

If you meet these qualification requirements, are interested in working in a freelance capacity for a flat, per-assignment/per-task fee, and would like to learn more about the freelance editing position, please upload your CV, Credential File, and a letter of interest.

Because we have relaxed our paid experience requirements, the letter of interest is going to be critical in telling us who you are, how you feel about romance, what you know about Carina Press. We’re looking for candidates who can impress us with their enthusiasm and passion for working with our authors, working in the romance industry and working with Carina Press. In short, this is how we’re able to get our first and main impression of our applicants, so don’t be shy in selling yourself!

In addition to enthusiasm, in your letter of interest we’d like you to:

    • detail your qualifications
    • acknowledge understanding of the above requirements, verify that you meet the requirements and cite areas in which you feel you are particularly strong
    • state why you are interested in working for Carina Press in particular
    • list what romance sub-genres you feel you’d be most qualified to edit

Upload all documents requested. Attention Angela James, Editorial Director.

Required information (to be saved as Applicant Name_Credential File) to be included alongside a CV and letter of interest:

  1. Title and author of last 5 books on which you worked as an editor or on which you helped shape the book in some way (providing feedback, for instance).
  2. Titles of any books you have been primary editor for that have won major awards or hit NYT or USA TODAY lists.
  3. Name and email address of 2 authors on whose books you worked, who would be willing to answer questions regarding their editorial experience with you.
  4. Title and author of the three most recent books you read and loved/would recommend.
  5. Favorite book you’ve read so far in 2017.

We will respond with further information about the position, including the freelance rate card, to qualified applicants only.

Applicants who move on past the initial application stage will be asked to complete an editorial test on a partial manuscript, as well as a reading evaluation of 10 manuscripts, so please be prepared to go through this process if you apply. This testing phase is somewhat time consuming but is crucial in finding candidates with a keen editorial eye and an aptitude for critical evaluation of submissions.

To apply: please upload, at this link, three separate documents.

1)    Your CV/resume.

2)   Credential file, as detailed above.

3)    Your letter of interest. In addition to uploading the letter of interest as a separate document, please copy and paste it into the “letter of interest” section on the submission form.

We will accept applications for this freelance opportunity until October 25, 2017. Questions about this position can be directed to editor@carinapress.com

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