Ends on July 30, 2017

There aren’t nearly enough tiaras to go around, in our opinion.

We’re looking to bring readers inside the contemporary royal court—wherever that may be—with tales of unconventional princesses, groveling hangers-on, bitchy queen mums, and princes behaving very badly. Whisk us away from the commoners and into a world where the crown jewels are super-sized, the palaces are sumptuous, and being so front-and-center in the public eye makes true love…tricky.

Think TV’s The Royals, not The Crown. We’re after storylines so juicy and salacious they’d make tabloid editors blush.

Novellas should be contemporary in setting and royals or royalty must be key to the story, conflict or character development. However, your modern-day royalty can be based in fictitious principalities and be royal figures with made-up titles. Want to write a beautiful countess and a down-and-dirty duke from the land of Cliffbrook (we just made up that name on the spot)? Bring. It. On.

**Please note, the use of actual people as main characters is prohibited.

Stories should stand alone, though they can be part of existing series or the start of a new series or trilogy, they should contain a satisfying romance as part of the central plot and storyline, and should conclude with an HEA or HFN. Heat level can be from low to the erotic, as long as the focus is on the romance.

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