We are seeking submissions in all subgenres of paranormal romance with all levels of sensuality. We welcome everything from the very sweet to the incredibly erotic. Romances should focus on the development of the relationship, as well as external and internal conflict; the heat level should be appropriate to the book and enhance the story, and the primary relationship in the book should offer a happily ever after (HEA) or happily for now (HFN) in an emotionally satisfying manner. Sorry, but one of the couple cannot die or leave the other if it’s to be sold as a romance! You may wish to publish in the urban fantasy market (via our fantasy category) if this is the case.

We are looking for books with a compulsively readable author voice and a fresh twist on the paranormal themes. 

While we’ll consider manuscripts across the genre, here are some things that currently appeal to us in particular: Great sexual tension, super sexy paranormals, male/male protaganists, series featuring shifters (wolves, cats, dragons…we draw the line at hamsters), ongoing series or trilogies, unique twist on old paranormal tropes and elements, band of brother/alpha heroes, paranormal with suspense elements, and stories that delve into clan politics.

Submissions of romantic suspense should be made here. 

Please also see the science fiction and fantasy romance guidelines. If you're submitting science fiction romance or fantasy romance, please submit via those categories. 

Submissions of erotic romance should be submitted via the erotic romance category

For submissions of contemporary romance, please submit here.

For LGBT submissions, please submit here